Our Labour Solutions

ECB Training – incorporate a diverse range of innovative training solutions by applying a flexible response module to meet our clients training needs.  With extensive industry experience and quality learning resources, ECB Training Services is responsive to meet local and national training requirements.
•    Labour hire employment – Implement a co-ordinated Indigenous workforce solution specialising in Oil & Gas, Construction, and the Resource Industry.  Providing the right people with the right skills, knowledge and qualification for the job.  By working closely with our clients to achieve their desire in employment retention, through a screening, training, and upskilling towards a highly qualified Indigenous labour hire workforce.
•    Mentoring – Provide a considerate approach that addresses cultural diversity and therefore appropriated accordingly, relevant to Indigenous employees and their intellects. Raising employees self-esteem and confidence, through skills and career development, self-responsibility initiatives, and harnessing sound work ethic principles. This helps to increase employee retention, career mobility, and  a productive and progressive work industry for both the individual and their respective communities.
•    Health and Safety Consultancy – Provide expert advice in the application and compliancy of legislative Work Health & Safety obligations and requirements.
•    Health and Safety Representative & Refresher Training – ECB Training Services are a NT Worksafe approved provider of the Health and Safety Representative Course (initial) 5 day course and one day Refresher Course.
•    Incident investigation – Provide experienced investigators to increase employees knowledge in recognising risk factors in minimising critical incidents, plus the required standards for attending to and addressing them.