ECB Memberships

Supply Nation
ECB Training Service are a Supplied Nation Certified Indigenous Training business providing specialised training within the Oil & Gas, Mining, and Construction resource industry.
Supply Nation provides small to medium Indigenous businesses the opportunity to be integrated into the supply chains of Australian companies and Government agencies.

The Northern Territory Industry Capability Network (NTICN) promotes local business and industry capability. The NTICN is an independently managed, confidential, non-profit organisation supported by the NT government.

AmCham’s is to a critical hub offering connections and access to opportunity, to exclusive access to, policy advice, business advocacy, information, and relationships with business and government. We are the hub providing members with a competitive advantage to grow their businesses efficiently and intelligently.

Chamber of Commerce – Northern Territory
Chamber of Commerce provides effective platform for business in a number of key areas including industrial relations, training. Employment, education and training advice, networking and premier business events.